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Here we are discussing topics about C#, Xamarin Forms and SkiaSharp for creating basic 2d games and other visual animations.

Latest additions

27-09-2020 - Render multiple tiles as a background

08-09-2020 - Refactoring the code to draw a single tile

29-08-2020 - Rendering a single tile from the tile set on the canvas

31-07-2020 - Rendering a picture or image on the canvas

10-06-2020 - Adding simple drag and drop touch events to the canvas

25-05-2020 - Adding touch to a game using Xamarin Forms and SkiaSharp

25-04-2020 - Refactor of the previous two blog posts into application class

07-04-2020 - Create a physics and render loop with Xamarin Forms and SkiaSharp part 2/2

18-03-2020 - Working remote from home

Due to the current circumstances a lot of people have to work at home. In this post I describe the setup I use and which tools do the job. Most coders I know prefer a dual monitor setup but this was never my style. With the dual setup one monitor can be right in front of you but the other monitor will be at an angle which I don't like. These days there are wide screen monitors bent or straight that are just as wide as 2 small monitor in the old days. I use a curved 27 inch Samsung monitor, the 34 inch monitors feel to wide for me. For writing code I use Visual Studio. For meetings I have a Logitech webcam, though I heard that Microsoft webcams are also good. Mostly the communication is through Skype, but recently I've also used Zoom Meetings. My keyboard is a basic Logitech one. The mouse and keyboard should be flat as to not put too much stress on my wrists.

15-03-2020 - Mini review

The book C# in depth by Jon Skeet is a good book to deepen your C# knowledge. You may recognize his name from his many Stackoverflow posts. Note that this is not a beginner book so don't start with this one. Preferably, you have 1 or 2 years experience with C# already.

15-02-2020 - Creating a game loop in a Xamarin Forms application

25-01-2020 - Start of Xamarin Forms with SkiaSharp for game programming series

07-01-2020 - Release a Xamarin Forms Shell app as an Android App Bundle to the Play Store

07-12-2019 - How to detect arrival of a monitor with C# and WPF

23-11-2019 - How to learn programming

31-10-2019 - Getting started with programming